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About Maison e Maison

Maison e Maison was set up to represent the creations and designs of Marcel and Julian Maison

The family farm on the Peninsula de Marau in the Brazilian state of Bahia, where they have built a large studio workshop. Marcel Maison is married to Joyce Maison who runs the company. They both were born in Brazil of British heritage, living in Rio de Janeiro unbeknown to each other. Marcel's family returned to England in 1960 and this is where Marcel finished his studies at Harrow School of Art, London, in 1972.

Marcel Maison then began to travel extensively throughout the world living at various times in India, Nepal, Indonesia, Australia, the South Pacific & Finland.

He returned to London in 1977 to study at the Inchbald School of Design in Chelsea and graduated in 1979. While in London, Marcel met a Brazilian expatriate, Joyce Frank, and shortly thereafter in 1980 the two returned to Rio de Janeiro to live and start a family.

Marcel opened Marcel Maison Designs. After a few years, he became known in Rio de Janeiro and S. Paulo for his design work for international retail stores, restaurants and a number of luxurious homes, and specialized in yacht styling. In 1991, after Julian and Jason were born, and continuing a life-long pattern of growth and exploration, Marcel sold the business and moved the family to Palm Beach, Florida. There they opened a gallery called Artmosphere.

At first, Artmosphere was primarily an ethnographic art gallery concentrating on Amazonian plumage art and the plight of the Amazonian peoples. Marcel Maison spent many months making extensive expeditions, taking researchers of all types into remote areas of the Amazon river basin, visiting small indigenous groups to collect the artworks they so lovingly displayed in several public exhibitions and catalogs. Six years later, Artmosphere started changing into an interior design gallery. Julian Maison also went into the family business from a young age as the company grew and started sourcing from other countries, as well as getting involved in more design projects. The gallery specialized in bespoke furniture for high-end clients with pieces made mostly in Brazil out of exotic reclaimed hardwoods, as well as stone, bronze and garden furniture made of “cipo” vines.

In 2011 the Maisons moved to Brazil and have now designed, built, and decorated an Oceanfront boutique hotel, a 350m2 residential project, as well as Fazenda Maison with four buildings and counting. Julian Maison has now also completed interior design studies in London's Inchbald School of design while working at India Jane and after working at Spencer-Churchill Designs Ltd in Oxfordshire and homewing.co.uk; Julian is and Wife Nina now make Milk Paint for sale and for refinishing an ever-growing furniture collection in Europe. While also practising interior design privately based out of Portugal. 

CV Julian Maison

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