This mahogany framed antique sofa was rebuilt and customized by order for a client in a private home using very plush grey velvet and woven dark blue cotton and wool blend for the piping.

We raised the camelback of the sofa for increased comfort and to support new loose back cushions for extra comfort loose seat cushions can be fluffed, stuffing can be replaced more easily, and loose cushions can be dry cleaned when the original upholstery had none of these benefits.

After washing all the horsehair, we put it into loose seat and back cushions as well as a layer of goose down around them so that the cushions end up plush with that "sink is" sort of cosiness the client wanted.

All the mahogany had been covered over by layers of old darkened shellack that was started to crack up, so the entire frame had to be stripped then stained a little back to an antique-looking tone/hue and the french polish replaced which adds days to the process but ti's all worth it at the end.

 The original coil and webbing were in good shape and they usually are but did require some reinforcements and tightening here and there but this one didn't require much more than that.

this is now a cozy solid sofa and should easily see another hundred years of us!

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