Clayton House Pascall

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Liverpool Road South, Burscough, Ormskirk

Clayton House is a traditional Victorian residence offering over 4000 sq. ft of elegant accommodation over three levels. Providing up to 8 bedrooms, 4 reception rooms and 3 bathrooms, this beautiful family home could also offer multi-generational living.

Project per room

Entrance Hall


Dining room



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Master Bedroom

Master Dressing room

Master bathroom

Layout concepts first floor

concept upstairs

architectural concepts ground floor

  • dining room

    to left glass trap door creating view to the wine cellar and backlit bottles

  • cut back walls from old firplace

    leaving/creating architectural feature near top with arches and/or corbels. find salvage or buy plaster moulds new online for 25 quid.

  • new door to new dining room

    removing the service staircase and opening a double door from the Hall would create a sense of a larger more spacious home on entry. Pilasters left from old staircase walls to be decorated into features in keeping with the rest of the home.

  • new bar from dining to living

    using salvaged doors to make up a bar front. and order in new bar top made by pro for a pro finish prop. bar top. replicate the arches of the adjacent door and window. opens much light into the dining room which only has one window at the far end and it is not very large for the size of the room. The bar will also help break up the "large box" of a room and give the space more purpose.

  • perspective from entry to new dining room double doors

    means you can see the natural light flooding in from the back of the dining room. also seeing the mural the large curtains a long dining table and even the hidden doors into the kitchen will echo on a stately home.

  • new layout from dining &kitchen to hall

    this will open the flow of the house. especially from the kitchen which in modern terms has the most movement in and out, from all rooms. so removing the 2 sings doors and narrow corridors into one large double doors that will probably be left mostly open, will make for more comfortable movement to the rest of the house especially when arring with the shopping!

  • living room windows into doors

    turning three large windows into new double glazed doors will help on heating, while opening up a room to larger views currently there is a lot of m2 with little to direct one's eye giving the feel of a large empty box (even if a well-decorated one)

  • view to the pool

    great open views to the feature, be it pool or fountain and pond.


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