Regency Mahogany scroll arm sofa with sabre feet.

New french polish, and upholstery including new springs. the straps have been half replaced and the original half ware tightened. we have reinforced the structure and added a fifth leg at the centre-back which takes most the stress off of the sabre feet, so one can feel comfortable dropping into this soft comfy sofa for a cosy lazy night.
The cushions can be made as shown in the image or as a single long cushion (more traditional for regency sofas of this type, though less comfortable for heavy use for time) 

 81deep x 89high x 201 widecm with arms point to point.

The seating area within the scroll arms measures roughly 69-deep x 136

The back reclines about 15cm from the seat to the top of the back

seating is 30cm from the floor

the structure is a mix of ash and from what I can tell it looks to be elm with would be in keeping with this period and style of furniture.

US $14,000
Including upholstery as shown in the picture (fabric not included can be provided by Maison e Maison or provided by the buyer)
Prices and be adapted for goose down or other adaptions additions but as a base, we use foam and dacron for loose seat cushions.
10-12cm thick seat cushion with soft foam approx 8cm and dacron wrapping approx 2cm on all sides.
Back cushions in loos dacron 15 thick approx.
zippers on all cushions

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