comfortable antique sofas

Please use the contact us button if you like more information or to place custom orders on our existing sofa collection.

We find antique sofas in need of restoration and rebuild to  21st-century standards of comfort. When we are finished you get a sofa you can cosy into,  and binge-watching an entire Netflix series comfortably with your feet up!

We first strip down each sofa; after careful evaluation, we rebuild for superior strength and modern standards of comfort and proportionality as much as possible while keeping the original craftsmanship, finishes, and quality.

No synthetic finishes, only natural shellac and waxes of the traditional french polish.

no nylon straps. when redoing or tighten webbing and springs, we only use traditional hemp or jute straps and string with steel or copper springs,

Any wood structure we have to add or replace is all done with traditional hardwoods with joinery not nail or glue

If you would like a sofa with the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of an antique while also enjoying the comfort of a modern sofa that the entire family can use, please get in touch as we mostly do customized work for each client.

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